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The Youth Orchestra Japan Tour Project

Sinfónica Juvenil Nacional José de San Martín


Our mission is not to be a better orchestra than any other.

What we aim for is to make children believe in their own potential,

blossom and mature into professionals.

Children’s potential should not be affected by where they come from.




The Argentinean Youth Orchestra

Leading the orchestra is a conductor who was a protégé of the famed Leonard Bernstein,

while the orchestra itself was founded by Maestro Mario Benzecri.

The orchestra is limited to children having passed auditions

and brings together young people aged under 26 from various countries and backgrounds,

who share a common aspiration to become professional musicians.


The Japan Tour Project

As well as opening up opportunities for international exchange

through music between Japan and South America,

on opposite sides of the globe, this project also paves the way to experience

a new global perspective and open up new potential for young people in both countries,

regardless of nationality, family background, poverty, or any other factors.

We aim to establish a project that inspires confidence and instils belief in potential.

Thanks to your donations, we reached 123% of our original crowdfunding goal as of the

end of November 2019 – your support is deeply appreciated.

We remain open to sponsors and if you have any queries,

please feel free to contact us via the contact form.


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