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​Our Philosophy


For all children, early teens and young girls in particular, 
“opportunities”, “experiences” and “encounters” that open up their eyes to new interests and spark fresh curiosity are key formative events that will help shape the rest of their lives. 

I think all of us adults can recall experiences and encounters in life that have played a part in determining our career paths, work, and the challenges we embrace. 
I also think we can all empathize with the crucial importance of such experiences and encounters to children. 
The catalyst to go forward may be curiosity that is sparked from even a minor opportunity or experience that was previously undiscovered and unknown to us. 
This brings home to you the fresh potential in yourself, encourages you to seek out the job or profession you want to try and take the first steps on a career path toward that goal.

I hope we can continue providing springboards like this to the next generation of young people and help propel more and more of them toward the jobs and challenges they want to take on and give their best for. 
What better way to give them fulfilment in life? 
Such an initiative will also help enrich the society in which such young people will play a key and active role.

We established our association in the hope to help young people discover new hope and potential going forward and play a role in forming a sustainable society for the next generation. 

Representative Director, Ayaka Tanaka


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